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Bowls SA Mission, Vision & Values


Through teamwork and a culture of shared values we will become:


  • Our stakeholders will be proud of our success as a sport
  • Competitors will respect us
  • Communities will support and embrace us


Create capabilities to grow, develop, organize, transform, control and market the Sport of Bowls to ensure excellence.

Our Values

The total commitment of the bowls fraternity is fundamental to our success. The following values will guide our decisions and behaviour:

  • Innovation: To seek new ideas and encourage continuous personal growth and improvement in everything we do in order to stay leaders in the sport of Bowls.
  • Initiative: To make things happen, through a spirit of enthusiasm energy and commitment.
  • Integrity: Honesty and fairness and transparency to all.
  • Mutual Trust: Complete belief in the reliability of all concerned. Our interactions and deliberations are based on trust and confidence.