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Venue: Jwaneng, Botswana

Team Selection

Skip: Pierre Breitenbach
Third: Hertzog Meiring
Second: Thinus Oelofse
Lead: Prince Neluonde
Singles: Nick Rusling
Coach: Theuns Fraser
Manager: Jessica Henderson
Skip: Louise Larkin
Third: Rene Swanepoel
Second : Bronwyn Webber
Lead: Sylvia Burns
Singles: Nici Neal

Conditions of Play - Click here

Draw - Women - Singles

- Pairs

- Trips

- Fours

Men - Singles

- Pairs

- Trips

- Fours

Results -




Gold Medal Winners in Women's Fours and Singles

From Left to Right: Nici Neal, Sylvia Burns, Bronwyn Webber, Rene Swanepoel and Louise Larkin